Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday Night Football Cheers and Boo-urns

  • CHEERS to the Tennessee Titans for covering. You didn't really think the Saints were going to go marching into the end zone, did ya?
  • BOO-Urns to Deuce McCallister for failing to make it to the "over" on his annual devastating leg injury. I had week six in the "Deuce's ACL A-Splodes" dead pool. Drat.
  • CHEERS to the New Orleans Saints for making like it's Groundhog Day. The Saints' Groundhog Day happens to be the NFC championship game last January.
  • BOO-Urns to Jeff Fisher's ever-expanding gut and freaky goatee. All he needs is a pony tale and he'll be the spitting image of Comic Book Guy.
  • CHEERS to next week's offense lover's orgasm matchup, the New England Videographers vs. the Cincinnati Super Thugs.
  • BOO-Urns to Monday Night Football being on up against the best half hour on television, Showtime's Californication. If you haven't watched it yet, I'll leave you with this nugget of wisdom: "I don't want to sleep with her! Hank might have left booby-traps up inside her. Like the Viet Cong."

If the thought of communist booby traps inside anyone's anatomy doesn't make you laugh, then there's little to nothing I can do for you, friend.

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